Welcome to the LightPro event website.


We invite you to join us in New Orleans, LA  September 18th-21st, 2016 for an awesome, creative, intensive learning event with some of the most talented photographers in the country.


We are excited to announce our LightPro 2016 Educational Team

Amanda Holloway, Dave Doeppel, Brian DeMint, and Stephanie Anne Hickerty … more to be announced! 


At LightPro, you will spend quality time with some of the top educators in the industry in class, working hands-on and one-on-one. Our amazing educators are kind, successful, and approachable. You do not need to worry about egos with this group. Whether you are a beginning or advanced portrait artist, our educators will be there to help you go to the next level in both your art and your business. Our educators are just as excited to be at LightPro as the students are.




 At LightPro, we have 2 types of educators: Speakers and Coaches

We carefully select dynamic, successful professionals in the industry who have influenced their student’s success for many years.  We have selected our speakers to give you a well rounded education that covers all the major topics of running a successful portrait business. We recognize the many facets linked to success in this industry and we strive to create an atmosphere that fosters learning in a great many areas. 

Speakers will give a classroom presentation and to be available for hands-on demonstration. Many of our speakers also stay for the rest of the event and are kind approachable people that love spending time outside the classroom with student.

Our coaches are some of the kindest and most patient hands-on educators in the industry. Coaches are available the entire event for you to work with both in our fully stocked lab of studio bays, and outdoors in the awesome city of New Orleans. 

Coaches are not there for you to watch. They are not allowed to have cameras (or egos) during their coaching shift. Coaches are there to show you how to do what they do and help you do it until you get it down. (That was the original Light Pro concept of HANDS-ON learning and we are sticking to it!)

These coaches are also masters at photography, posing, and lighting and they can answer questions outside of their particular style whether you need help improving something you are already doing or if you want a new specific look, they will help you with all things photography.

When our coaches aren’t on shift, they become attendees and most will be creating images and learning right along side of you.

So bring your camera and gear to create beautiful images in one of the coolest, wildest cities in the country. Work along side each of these photographic and business masters, while having a great time, making the best of friends, and enjoying New Orleans.  Action packed days and fun-filled nights will make this one of the best educational experiences you’ve ever had.  The Shooting Lab will be open daily for your personal use with and without our coaching staff, however, our coaching staff will be on duty to answer any of your lighting questions.  We look forward to seeing you there and enjoying the LightPro experience.


 To apply to be a coach, please email Lightprophotoexpo@gmail.com and tell us why you would be an awesome fit for our coaching team!


How the event works


Day Classes:  All attendees are invited to see each of the speakers in their allotted speaking time. 


Shooting Lab: The shooting lab will be open everyday. The lab is an open area with multiple shooting bays. The speakers and coaches will be working with you in there and you may also work independently. You can choose a model from the model room, bring your camera into the lab and shoot in a bay. We encourage you to change the lighting set ups and use whatever props you can find. If you have any questions there are coaches available for you to answer them. Coaches do not have cameras, they are there to assist you. You can choose to go to class, go to the lab or check out equipment and a model and shoot by the pool!


Evenings: In the evening we will have some cool things in store for you including stylized shoots and round table discussions. A limited number of spots will be available for each stylized shoot. Priority will be given to those who register first. So stay tuned! :)



Registration Cost: $299 (individual) + add a buddy for only $149 

Register by June 10 and get a FREE Buddy Pass!


Equipment suggested for attendees: Camera, memory cards, laptop, and sunscreen.


Questions? Please email lightprophotoexpo@gmail.com or call Sabrina at 303-725-0287


Follow the developments of this event on our LightPro Facebook Group site: http://www.facebook.com/groups/453138344750690/